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Dated: 02/28/2018

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The second home market is not as cyclical in sales as a primary market. Primary markets are driven more by families with children in schools that need to move between school years and such. The second home market is a little more level throughout the year. Some people want to buy in the peak season while vacationing is on their mind. Some people wait to put their second home on the market until they receive one last rental season income. Also some people do not seem to care at all when or if their home sells because they do not owe anything on it and are getting income from it. So that is another point that is a little different. Days on market could just indicate a seller who is not really motivated, instead of something being wrong with the house that would make a super low offer appropriate. 

The ease of viewing homes is cyclical in a second home market though. Now that March is here peak rental season is among us and does not really let up until fall. Getting in and out of homes is a little tougher with renters not wanting to be disturbed the few days they are on vacation. Saturdays between one set of renters leaving and the others coming in is often the narrow window that you are working with. Not only that but you might hit a home or two that the cleaning crew has not been in yet so beds are not made and such. I like it when you get in after the cleaning crew, but every now and then you get in a situation. The good thing is there are plenty good pictures on the internet of the properties for sale, and your list of homes to view can be limited down to a manageable number to hit in the window. is a great place to save favorite properties and start building that list to view in person!

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