Watercolor Homestead Map And Other Data

Dated: 06/20/2017

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I have been asked a few times what percent of homes are on the rental market or have people living in them full time in Watercolor. It is public record if a home is homesteaded. This is 2017 I can find out a lot more about you on the internet than the home you homestead! So I spent some time going though the tax records and marking homes in parts of Watercolor. Red marks homestead properties. This is not all of Watercolor, but it is the areas I have been asked about recently by people looking to buy a property where rental data hasn't been the main focus. 

Watercolor homestead map

The next Watercolor point I wanted to note is the number of homes on the market at any given point of time has trended up slightly but price has followed it up showing an increase in demand. Anyways here is a look at how many homes have swapped hands recently in Watercolor just FYI. 

6/20/2014-6/20/2015   94 single family detached homes sold

6/20/2015-6/20/2016   111 single family detached homes sold

6/20/2016-6/20/2017   99 single family detached homes sold

Watercolor sold propertiesIf you are looking to purchase in Watercolor here is a link to the watercolor homes: Link

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